Encounter Builder

Building encounters can be time consuming. It can also be challenging if you aren't in the mood to get the creative juices flowing. This is where this Encounter Generator can come in handy. Its much easier to be creative if you have prompts or constraints in place.

By clicking the button below you are going to get a quick generated encounter. It will include an Environment a Win Condition and some options for other things. Possible NPC to talk to. A timer mechanic for the entire encounter, etc. There are some key words that are important for understanding, like Room Design. This concepts come from ICRPG. Most of the words that appear in different colors on the page can be hovered over to get a tooltip popup

The Encounter Builder will also generate a random map for you, with different Zones/Rooms in it. It will also give you some guidelines as to how these different Zones/Rooms interact with each other, as well as fun stuff inside them. Its important to check the Elevation of each Zone/Room. Each zone might be at a different elevation. The larger the number the higher it is.

The type of Combatants you are up agaisnt will also be listed. These are suggestions, and are made from standard design concepts from games like 4e or Five Torches Deep. Potential techniques are listed underneath the combatants. These concepts also come from Five Torches Deep to simplify some of the powers these enemies might have.